The AHML Foundation would like to thank the following people for their
generous donations through a ‘Lifetime of Giving’.

Founding Donor Circle 

Grand Philanthropist


$5,000- $9,999

Wendy Davis
Lauree Harp

Gary and Haven McClung
Heena and Sulaiman Roy

$2,500- $4,999

Tom and Renee Schwingbeck
Miriam Cooper

$1,000- $2,499

American Association of University Women
Arlington Ale House, Ltd.
Kathleen and Ted Balcom
Jim Bertucci
Corey Bordine
Mary and Jim Bristol
Jennifer Burnidge

$1,000- $2,499

Jack and Holly Crabtree
Ben and Michelle Crown
Kimberlee Curnyn MD
Ed and Eileen Czopek
Chris and Sue Dungan
Tiffany and Richard Dworianyn
Donald and Karen Felch
Donald and Mary Joyce Fett
Rosemary and John Flynn
Glueckert Funeral Home
John W. Glueckert, Jr.
Godey Questers
Howard and Kathy Grossman
Michael and JoAnne Gunderson
John and Barb Hartnett
Michael and Carrie Hemphill
Dr. Theodore and Kathy Homa
Illinois State Questers
Brian Jared
       (In Memory of Calvert Ambrose Jared II)
Sharon Johlie
Leanne and Joe Klein

Patron (continued)

Drs. Andrew and Mary Krock
Gary and Robin LaBedz
Pete And Connie Landwehr
Frank and Connie Lee
William and Lynne Luehrs
Patricia Mayo
Don and Marian Meinheit
Paul and Michelle Moceri
Albert and Arlene Mulder
Edward O’Brien
Char and Greg Padovani
Sajid and Anisha Patel
Jim and Cindy Platt
David and Ann Robert
Michael and Elisa Sidor
Nancy and Dan Slowinske
Debbie Smart and Linda Forey
John and Bea Sonderegger
John and Kathy Supplitt
John Walsh, Jr.
Wintrust Financial Corporation
Tom and Diane Woznicki
Alan and Karen Zamin
Krista and Greg Zyck

Legacy Donors

$2,500- $4,999

Philip Solzan

$1,000- $2,499

Amsted Industries, Inc.
Tom and Denise Beihoffer

Kathryn and Andrew Dickman
Brian Jared
Susan Kazlo

Taylor and Paulette O’Malley
Kyle and Stacy Sherlock
Debbie Smart


$500- $999

Friends of Jim Bertucci
Fran Carroll
The Dunn Family
John and Linda Hall
Bill and Betsy Kmiecik
Tamra Spencer McDearmid
      (Tribute to Lauree Spencer Harp)
Michael and Kara Mulder
Kathryn and Victor Lamantia
Neil and Linda Scheufler
State Farm Companies Foundation
Cathy Stjernberg
(In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)

$100- $499

Marty and Lois Agran
In Memory of Belle Hoffman)
   (In Memory of Barb Scalet)
Robert and Mary Edith Arnold
Peter and Nancy Bavisotto
Richard and Betty Billadeau
Dori Bonder
Bruce and Linda Byus
     (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Michael and Carolyn Collins
Gary A. Cortesi
Jean and Bryan Cranfill
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Mary Beth and Joe Delaney
Mike Driskell
George and Beth Drost
William J. Dussling
Ted and Melinda Eckhardt
Fernando and Susan Egea
Equitable Foundation
Laurence and Lynn Giebelhausen
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Keith W. Ginnodo and Kristen A. Kingsley
       (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Arlen and Randi Gould
Katherine Haile
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Cindy Harris
Earl and Gladys Holtz

     (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)

In memory of Belle Hoffman 
Katie’s Work Family
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Mark and Debbie Klein
Jack and Beth Klues

Gold (continued).

Jacque Kniola
Glen and Deb Korff
Eleanore Klum
Rob and Nancy Lincoln
Todd and Kobi Lincoln
      (In Memory of Leonard A. Birck)
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Carole Medal
Nancy McIntyre
Ted and Renee Moeller
Dr. George and Kathy Motto
Judy Niro
Sheila M. Osgood
Hugh and Deborah Parker
Barbara C. Powers
Catherine Powers
Private Vista LLC
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Brogan and Ann Ptacin
Laura Puckett
Roger and Barbara Ritzman
Kathie Schneider
      (In Memory of Richard and Helen Broscovak)
Leslie and Jeff Schwartz
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Amy Somary
Ross and Fran Spencer
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Tom and Claudia Starck
Christine Tangney
      (In Memory of Claire Tangney)
David Weiner
John and Donna Wellhausen
Eleanor Willwerth
      (In Memory of Bob Willwerth)

$50- $99

Abbvie Inc.
Peter and Nancy Bavisotto
Joe and Sue Burlini
John and Roseanne Calahan

     (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Mary Ellen Cherry
Ron and Diane Crawford
Bill and Marianne Dixon
Olga Gusak
Brad and Heather Haeberie
Lynn and Janet Jensen

Silver (continued).

Bob and Patti Jostes

Greg and Sandra Larson
Karthik Mahalingam
Joe and Katie Marr
Janet L. Meinheit
Bill and Elaine Mitchell

Thomas and Janette Morely
Mary Kay Morsches

      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Judson and Elizabeth Nierman
Greg and Pam Pickle
Viki and Tom Rivkin

      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Greg and Tracy Sadlon
Pete and Jean Simpson

Michelle Stevens
      (In Memory of Olga McIntosh)
Christy Tangney
Kathy Tieman
      (In Memory of Sean Tieman)
Natalie Vaswani
Shivendra Vikram Singh
Gregory and Elizabeth Watson
      (In Memory of Nicholas K. Brown)
Curt and Susan Wible
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Ben and Judy Witt
Erin and Andy Wyatt

Other Gifts

Ruth Anderson
(In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Mary Hastings
Richard and Marlene Hedstrom
Kathy Hendrickson
Mark and Barb Hildebrandt
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Doug and Cindy Hiskes
Mary P. Hockenberry and Karen Joy Seunarine

      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Christine Kelly
Brian and Deborah Kubitz
Britt Leinhart
Jessica Lynk
Gretchen Mahin
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Ruth McCormick
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Rachel Podber
      (In Memory of Donald E. Hartung)
Pat Regan
Andrew and Denise Schmidt 

Russ Talbot
Janice Turner
Brian and Geralyn Walsh

Community Partners/In-Kind Contributions


Lew Neuman (Praxis AEC) 




Robert Bosch Tool Company (Dremel DigiLab)
Ron and Holly Gemkow
Nicholas & Associates, Inc Boelter

$1,000 – $4,999

Design Factor, Ltd
Andy and Kathy Dickman
Paul and Karen Gardner

$500- $999

Fairway Laser Systems
Pam Novey

Kellee Harp O’Reilly

$100 – $499

Blick Evanston
Mosiac Yarn
Provenza and Associates
Roland and Pat Sexauer
Debbie Smart
Sweet T’s Bakery

Other gifts

Robert J. Kapicka 

*All donations listed received through Sept. 30, 2021

Founding Donor Circle $1,000+ until 7/31/2020
Legacy Donor $1,000+ new cash donations after 7/31/20